Keep in mind that Fever Metal Art Center is a very small educational center. These policies are put in place to ensure we can continue offering students these services. By registering for a class, you are agreeing to these terms. Please review carefully and contact the instructor with questions prior to registering.

Payment and Cancellation

Please keep in mind that these classes are often small (typically 4-6) people, and the entire facility and equipment are maintained through workshop revenue, and are not subsidized by any additional funding.

When you register for a class we are holding that spot for you and we order and prepare all materials along with necessary safety gear and tooling that you will need to participate.

That’s why our cancellation policy is as follows:

Full refund if cancellations are made with 2 or more weeks’ notice.

50% refund if 1 week notice is given.

If less than 1 week, than we cannot offer a refund but will often try to replace your spot. If we are successful then we will be able to refund you, but this is not guaranteed and often not possible given the short notice.

Age Restrictions

Welding Classes are 18+

Blacksmithing: These classes are designed for adults. We accept students as young as 12, but require that the student attend with an adult to assist them. The accompanying adult must also be registered for the class, and will have the opportunity to work on their own project as well.

The accompanying adult is there to reinforce safety, assist the young student in navigating an adult class, step in to offer physical assistance if needed.

This rule applies to students between the ages 12-14.

Students 15-17 can attend on their own, but a guardian must sign a release of liability form and check in with the instructor prior to registering the minor.

Safety and Accommodations

As we strive to create positive and welcoming spaces to learn, our first and more important focus is on your safety.

Your safety gear (eye protection, gloves, welding jacket, helmet, etc) are provided for you.

Students who are not clear minded while in class and who are posing a threat to others’ safety will be asked to leave.


Please contact the instructor prior to registering to request special accommodations. We can review the classroom set-up and steps required to complete your project to help decide if this project will be enjoyable or if a different project might be better to begin with. Our goal is to provide you with a safe and enjoyable classroom environment, to the best of our abilities.