Please attend class with the proper clothing, a bagged lunch if the class is longer than 4 hours, and know ahead of time where the shop is located.

What to expect

Your class will likely be 3-6 people and there should be plenty of time to work through your project and receive one on one time with the instructor. If the class is larger, an assistant will be there to work with as well.

Please arrive 5-10 min early. If your class is longer than 4 hours you should bring a lunch. Water and snacks will be provided. Please bring a water bottle.

There will be a Release of Liability Form and a Consent to Use Photos form for you to sign upon arrival. You are not required to consent to use of photos.

Dress Code

Your dress code will be similar for both a blacksmithing or welding class:

Pants: Denim or cotton based pants that extent past the ankle of your shoe.

Shoes: Closed toed shoes (leather boots are the very best).

Shirt: MUST be made of cotton. Can be short sleeves and we recommend wearing layers if it’s cold outside because you will likely warm up in class.

Welding class only: You will be provided with a welding jacket but a tight weave, cotton based jacket of your own can be worn instead. Something like a denim jacket or heavy flannel works well.



Please do not stop by the shop outside of your class time. Unfortunately the shop is not open to walk-in visits and we appreciate your respect of this rule.

Additionally, if you arrive early to your class please be aware that the instructor is likely still setting up and unable to greet you until about 10 min prior to class time.


The address is 7325 NW 13th Blvd.

The warehouse unit is in the very back of the complex by the tall cell tower.