Hello! I am an artist and metalworker living in Gainesville, Florida. I received my BFA from the University of Florida in 2008 and have been working on large-scale sculptures ever since. I enjoy the challenges of each new project and think of them as opportunities to grow as a practitioner in this craft, and to then pass that knowledge on to students through my workshops.

I enjoy incorporating many techniques into my practice, my very favorite being blacksmithing. There’s something about the rhythm of the work, the relationship to the fire, and the unexpected softness of the material that has always captured my attention.

I have artwork in public and private collections throughout the country, and many pieces right here in Gainesville! I take on a variety of commission work, but my favorite is public art. I love placing work where a wide variety of people can discover it!

I’ve taught hands on workshops out of my own studio since 2012 and often partner with organizations around Florida to bring blacksmithing workshops to their students. For the past few years I have taught the Santa Fe College Community Education Welding Classes. I have also had the great privilege to travel and demonstrate blacksmithing outside of Florida at some very wonderful places.

I hope to see you in the shop soon!